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Fall scene with text overlay: Fall RV Trip Update The art of resiliency and flexibility

Fall RV Trip Update — The Art of Resiliency and Flexibility

Is it just me or have we had to be super resilient and flexible for the past couple of years? ...
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Electric bike with text overlay: Electric Bike and the Solo Senior Female Traveler Does the saga have a happy ending?

Electric Bike and the Solo Senior Female Traveler Saga

Back in 2019, when I was planning my RV trip, I saw lots of YouTube videos about electric bikes. One ...
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RV oven filled with pans and containers with text overlay: Baking in an RV oven Do you do it?

Baking in an RV Oven — Do you do it?

Why There's no Baking in my RV Oven I have now been on two 6-week RV trips and not once ...
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Schulenburg Historical Museum sign at entrance with text overlay: Best places to visit Schulenburg, Texas

Best Places to Visit in Schulenburg, Texas

Schulenburg is a small city (population under 3,000) in eastern central Texas about halfway between Houston and San Antonio. It ...
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Choctaw Casino sign with text overlay: Durant and Ardmore Just a taste of Oklahoma

A Taste of Oklahoma – Durant and Ardmore

One of the destinations on my recent RV trip was southern Oklahoma to visit a friend. I had planned to ...
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carved entry doors with text overlay: An unexpected delay - car trouble at Apache Pass in Texas

An Unexpected Delay — Car Trouble at Apache Pass

Car trouble. The possibility is always in the back of my mind when I'm traveling. I don't dwell on it ...
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barrels and a waterfall in front of large grassy field with text overlay: Visit the northern edge of Texas Hill Country AVA Texas Legato Winery

Texas Legato Winery — On the Edge

Staying with participating wineries through Harvest Hosts is one of the ways I discover some wonderful, and sometimes lesser known, ...
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Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley State Park with text overlay: Discover all the best things to do in Glen Rose, Texas

Best Things to do in Glen Rose, Texas — Dinosaurs, Wildlife, History

When I made my trip from California to Texas last year, Glen Rose was one of my stops in Texas ...
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Traveling with Cats — Are cats better traveling companions than dogs?

I love dogs and I've had a few in my life but I am definitely a cat person. Perhaps it's ...
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travel trailer parked on grass with text overlay: Full-time RVing or a Home Base? What I Chose & Why

Full-time RVing or Home Base? — What I Chose and Why

When I left California for Texas in my RV, I had no idea what the future would be like. I ...
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Photo of covered bridge with title text overlay: Epic 40-day California to Texas RV Itinerary

Epic 40-day California to Texas RV Itinerary

When I finally pulled away from the home I had lived in for the past four years in Pine Grove, ...
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While downsizing for the RV life, I made a list of RV must haves. A review of the list reveals which items were my most useful RV must haves.

Were They RV Must Haves or Have Nots?

A while back, while I was downsizing my house to move into my trailer, I wrote about the things I ...
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This is one of my favorite posts to do during the year. It is so fun to look back over articles and see what was popular and resonated with my readers.

Most Viewed Posts 2018 Edition

This is one of my favorite posts to do each year. It is so fun for me to look back ...
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There are quite a few RV membership programs out there. I did a lot of research and comparison to decide which were most beneficial to me. Which do you use?

A Newbie’s Favorite RV Membership Programs

When I was planning my trip from northern California to southern Texas, I researched a lot of RV membership programs ...
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The cost of an RV trip is different for everyone, but I thought you might be interested in learning what my 2800 mile, 40 day RV trip cost.

What Does a 2800 Mile, 40 Night RV Trip Cost?

Of course, the answer to this question will be different for everyone undertaking such a trip but I thought you ...
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Boondocking vs staying in RV parks. Here are the nine reasons I felt more comfortable and preferred staying in RV parks on my first solo trip.

9 Reasons I Preferred Staying in RV Parks on My First Solo Trip

OK, I have to admit it, I played it pretty safe on my trip from northern California to southern Texas ...
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Check out the lessons learned on the road in just two weeks. I’m loving this journey of discovery and the continual reminders that I can do it.

Lessons Learned from Two Weeks on the Road

I think the most important lesson I've learned on the road these past two weeks is that I can do ...
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If my first weekend on the road as an RV newbie is any indication of how things are going to go for the next few weeks, I’m truly going to love this life.

Notes from an RV Newbie’s First Weekend on the Road

If you have been following my blog, you know that just before my birthday I made a life changing decision ...
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Solo female travel safety is an important topic. These tips will help give you peace of mind while traveling solo in your RV.

Travel Safety Tips for the Solo Female RV Traveler

A while back, I wrote a post about solo female travel. Who knew I would be contemplating and putting into ...
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RV Must Haves - Although space is pretty limited in any RV including my travel trailer, there are a few things that I am putting on my RV must haves list.

A Newbie’s List of RV Must Haves

Two months seems like forever, yet no time at all when there is so much to do. My tentative goal ...
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Am I too old to start traveling the country in an RV? As I sit here on my birthday, looking at my new to me travel trailer sitting in my driveway, I wonder if I have lost my mind. What was I thinking?

Am I Too Old to Start Traveling the Country in an RV?

As I sit here on my birthday, looking at my new to me travel trailer sitting in my driveway, I ...
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As much as I have enjoyed learning the ropes of living in Gold Country, this Gold Country Cowgirl will be hitting the trail soon. Will I take up a life of living full time on the road in a travel trailer? Read about my life-changing decision.

Gold Country Cowgirl is Hitting the Trail!

Although I’ve been trying to stay active on social media, I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately. Maybe you ...
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