Fall RV Trip Update — The Art of Resiliency and Flexibility

Is it just me or have we had to be super resilient and flexible for the past couple of years? Barely a month ago I wrote a blog post about my fall RV trip plans which included a conference in El Paso, Texas. Due to changes, some beyond my control, I have had to make several modifications and update my fall RV trip plans.

Old building with fall decorations with text overlay: Fall RV Trip Update

Conference Update

I debated with myself for weeks about whether or not to attend this conference. It wasn’t a concern about illness. I felt the conference would not live up to the one I had attended in the past due to the restrictions and safety measures in place. The purpose of the conference is to showcase the El Paso food scene. I just didn’t feel that would happen. I even emailed the conference staff expressing these concerns.

It was a fair amount of money and time involved to basically just sit outside and listen to presentations rather than experience El Paso excursions in person. They kept assuring us the conference was moving forward and all would be well with plenty of exposure to El Paso cuisine.

Then, a few weeks ago, I had a reaction to getting over-heated. The temperature can still be in the 90s in El Paso in October. I became concerned about the conference being held outdoors and once again decided to cancel my attendance.

I put off canceling my reservation for a few days. Then, low and behold, I received an email that the conference was being postponed until spring! The conference coordinator’s local partners didn’t want to hold an event when they cannot “fully showcase the food scene in their region.”

RV Trip Update

So what does this mean for my fall RV trip? The good news is that I am now planning to leave a week earlier.

Rockwood Mini Line travel trailer

I had my route all planned out but, with an extra week, I decided to make a few adjustments. More route planning to make sure I hit all the places I wanted to visit. Then, another curve ball.

Ever since I learned about it, I’ve wanted to ride the Austin Steam Train. Unfortunately, it just didn’t fit into my schedule on my last trip. When the October schedule was published, I learned that the Wedding Oak Wine Train would be running on October 17th. That was the train I wanted so I quickly bought my ticket!

Once again, a complete reschedule of my route. I think it is finally fairly set. I still have some flexibility but now have three places I have to be on certain dates.

I’ve been writing this post over a period of a few days and I cannot believe what happened during that time. That train trip I was so excited about was canceled! It runs again in November but I won’t be in that area then. So, sadly, I got a refund and will have to try for this train another time.

I have to take a look at my route again but I think I will go back to my original plan!

Getting Ready for the RV Trip

At times I feel like I have things well under control. I have list after list that I keep checking items off of. Once in a while, though, I feel a little overwhelmed. I fret over the idea that I might forget something important. Then I remind myself that my cats will be with me, I’ve made arrangements for the horses, and I have an awesome house sitter. Nothing else is so important that it can’t be taken care of on the road.

Now I have more flexibility in my schedule with only two firm dates. I’m just hoping I don’t have to completely update my fall RV trip plans again before I leave! This post, even more than I had planned, illustrates how important it is to be resilient and flexible when planning a trip. I better get this post published before something else changes!

If you are on the newsletter mailing list, you should receive a newsletter before we head out. If not, the next blog post will be after we get on the road. I hope you are planning to join Christy, Ocean and me on our journey.

Two cats in a stroller
Two cats

Blue-eyed cat laying in floor with fish toyI really need to work on taking more photos of the three of us together.

Outdoor scene of trees and blue sky with text overlay: Fall RV Trip Update

Until next time…

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  1. I think I received the same email about that conference in El Paso, but had already made a decision that I would not be able to attend this year. Glad you were able to pivot and figure out a different itinerary.

    As my HOA doesn’t allow RV’s or trailers to be parked on our property, I decided recently to purchase a roof top tent. It’s nothing like the comfort of your RV, but I hope to do some trips and maybe even take the cat one of these times. Always inspired by your trips and adventures.

    • I saw your post, I think on Instagram, about your tent. I’ve often imagined how traveling like that might be so I look forward to seeing how it works for you. Would love to hook up at the conference in the spring. Any chance you will go then?

  2. So sorry that you have had so many events cancelled over the last year. I think we are all in the same boat. It’s great to hear you still plotting & planning to getaway. And you’re right – it’s all about resilience & flexibility! hope you get to ride on the steam train sometime soon.

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