Asian Elephants at The Preserve

When I travel, I'm always looking for "experiences." Even when I go wine tasting I'm always hoping for something extra, like a tour or a food pairing. When I learned about The Preserve and the opportunity to meet their magnificent Asian elephants, I knew I needed to check out this ...
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Fall scene with text overlay: Fall RV Trip Update The art of resiliency and flexibility

Fall RV Trip Update — The Art of Resiliency and Flexibility

Is it just me or have we had to be super resilient and flexible for the past couple of years? Barely a month ago I wrote a blog post about my fall RV trip plans which included a conference in El Paso, Texas. Due to changes, some beyond my control, ...
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getting a pedicure with text overlay: How important are your feet? Should you get a pedicure?

How Important are your Feet?

As a horsewoman, I am familiar with the saying "no hoof, no horse." While I sat getting a pedicure last week, I started thinking about how that applies to the human foot. If you think the condition of your feet doesn't have anything to do with travel, read on! How ...
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Electric bike with text overlay: Electric Bike and the Solo Senior Female Traveler Does the saga have a happy ending?

Electric Bike and the Solo Senior Female Traveler Saga

Back in 2019, when I was planning my RV trip, I saw lots of YouTube videos about electric bikes. One brand in particular, Lectric eBikes, caught my attention. Lots of nomads that I follow reviewed their bikes and just raved about them. I thought an electric bike would be a ...
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travel trailer parked in driveway with text overlay: Fall Travel Plans A Conference and an RV trip

Fall Travel Plans – A Conference and an RV Trip

Oh, my gosh. It has been so long since I wrote a blog post I'm not sure I remember how! I just couldn't muster up the motivation to "find" things to write about when I couldn't travel or even go out to most restaurants. However, I have some exciting news ...
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travel trailer parked on street with text overlay: Birthday Musings of a Stay-at-Home Travel Blogger

Birthday Musings of a Stay-at-Home Travel Blogger

It's that time again. It's my birthday and I'm sitting here reflecting on past birthdays and wondering what the next year will bring. Based on what has transpired so far, it certainly looks like it will be a lot different than any year in the past. Here are some of ...
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travel trailer and tow vehicle with text overlay: Home from work and can't travel? Things to do in your downtime.

Home from Work and Can’t Travel? What to do with your Downtime

I had an amazing RV trip planned for April-June. I was going to see Texas bluebells for the first time, attend a couple of festivals, see the emergence of the largest bat colony in the world, ride a steam train, and taste more awesome Texas wine. There were even more ...
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Nikon D90 and P900 side by side

Nikon P900 Superzoom Camera – Great All-Purpose Camera

With so many things closing down and a tremendous decrease in traffic to travel websites, I've been at a bit of a loss for what to do. Since I recently purchased new camera equipment, I decided to take some of this down time to really learn how to use it ...
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RV oven filled with pans and containers with text overlay: Baking in an RV oven Do you do it?

Baking in an RV Oven — Do you do it?

Why There's no Baking in my RV Oven I have now been on two 6-week RV trips and not once during either trip did I fire up my RV oven for baking. Since I eat low carb, I don't bake things like bread, cookies or cakes, but I do like ...
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palm tree lined pond with text overlay: Even when life is long, it is too short!

Even when Life is Long, it is too Short!

It has taken me a while to write this post, but I needed to do it so I can start to move on. You know the old saying, life can turn on a dime? Well, it happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Early in July, I wrote a ...
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brick path with text overlay: Tips for young at heart, active senior travelers

Tips for Young at Heart, Active, Senior Travelers

With my birthday rapidly approaching, I thought it might be a good time to write a post with tips for active senior travelers. While doing research, I discovered that most of the posts out there are aimed at very elderly or infirm travelers. I'm so grateful that I don't fall ...
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glowing orance sun shining through dark clouds from a wildfire with text overlay Have you been through a natural disaster? How to be Prepared

Survive the Storm — Be Prepared for a Natural Disaster

When I lived in southern California, I lived with the possibility of an earthquake. When I moved to northern California, wildfires were a real threat. In fact, before I had lived there for a year, we had to evacuate ahead of the Butte fire, one of the largest wildfires ever ...
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La Feria Nature Center observation deck across lake

How to Plan the Perfect Staycation

Some people plan a staycation as a special event, but, for me, it's a perpetual state of being. I am always planning the next adventure in my own backyard and hope to inspire you to do the same. We are often so busy with our daily lives and looking forward ...
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orange umbrellas and bougainvillea decorate entryway

Quinta Mazatlan Celebrates the Monarch Butterfly

I have been anxious to get outside and visit more of the amazing nature areas nearby but the weather has been less than cooperative in that arena. Even on the day that Quinta Mazatlan celebrated the monarch butterfly with their Monarch Festival, there was a 30-40% chance of rain. I ...
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I'm celebrating the 3rd year anniversary of the blog with a video walk down memory lane, a toast with California wine and a giveaway. Come on by!

Three Years and I’m Still Here!

Today, March 7, 2019, marks the 3 year anniversary of this blog. On my first anniversary in 2017, I wrote a post about the journey to finding my blogging passion. Last year, I was so busy, I actually forgot about the anniversary! Where the Blog has Been Two and a ...
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Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game. Learn about the area while you have fun geocaching with Harlingen Parks and Recreation's Geo-Quest.

Geocaching with Harlingen Parks and Recreation

Geocaching first came to my attention several years ago when I lived in southern California. I love scavenger hunts and solving puzzles so I thought it sounded like fun. I was about to get involved when I decided to move to rural northern California where there really weren't many geocaches ...
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March 7th was the 2nd anniversary of the Gold Country Cowgirl blog. I had intended to do a special post and a giveaway for the blog anniversary. Check out this post to see the wine events and more that kept this from happening.

Why I Missed the 2nd Anniversary of the Blog

March 7th was the 2nd anniversary of the Gold Country Cowgirl blog. I had intended to do a special post and a giveaway for the blog anniversary but between a three-day trip to Southern California, having company, lots of wine events, being sick twice and an especially busy couple of weeks of ...
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Although Amador City is the smallest incorporated city in California, covering less than a square mile, it has lots to offer. It has a hotel and four great places to eat. Main Street is also dotted with unique shops, a wine tasting room or two and a museum.

Amador City: Where to Eat, Stay and Play

Although Amador City is the smallest incorporated city in California, covering less than a square mile, it has lots to offer. It has a hotel and four great places to eat. Main Street is also dotted with unique shops, a wine tasting room or two and a museum. If you ...
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Take a look at this post on Sutter Creek Heritage Days for a glimpse into the history of Sutter Creek, the gold rush era and the old West.

A Glimpse into Local History during Sutter Creek Heritage Days

Sutter Creek Heritage Days I think I saw more of Sutter Creek in a few hours during Heritage Days than I have seen in all the other times I have visited put together. Most people visit Sutter Creek to shop at the many antique and vintage stores or to go ...
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Traveling, or even dining solo, is something I always tried to avoid. Turns out, it is probably because I am an introvert. You might be too if...

Dining Solo on My Birthday — Are You an Introvert?

I have always considered myself a shy person. I am attracted to "take charge" extroverts and was always happy to let them be my front person. New people I met rarely remembered me or, if they did, I was so-and-sos friend. Traveling, or even dining solo, is something I always ...
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I tried snowshoeing for the first time this week. I love that I can go from wildflowers to snowshoeing in 30 minutes or less in Gold Country. Check it out.

Wildflowers to Snowshoeing in 30 Minutes or Less

When I lived in Southern California, I lived near the beach and loved that I could be in the mountains within a couple of hours. Now, I live in the mountains of Northern California and the beach is only a little farther than a couple of hours away. I live ...
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One year ago today I published my first post on Gold Country Cowgirl. I was not new to blogging. It just took a while to find my blogging passion.

Birth of a Blog — or Four: Finding My Blogging Passion

One year ago today I published my first post on Gold Country Cowgirl. Although that was my first post on this blog, I was not new to blogging. It took me a while to find my blogging passion but I think I finally made it. One of my biggest passions ...
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A look back at 2016 and my most viewed posts of the year. There were a few surprises and some things I knew would be there.

Most Viewed Posts of 2016

It's the beginning of a new year and I've been reflecting on the blog, looking back at old posts and setting some goals for 2017. Even though the blog hasn't been in operation for a full year yet (my first post was published on March 7th), I thought you might be ...
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I marvel at the brave women traveling alone in foreighn countries. These days, I'm more interested in exploring what my local region has to offer.

Women Traveling Alone — Are You One of Them?

As a single, female, 60 something, baby boomer, and with the state of the world, I'm no longer comfortable with the idea of overseas travel, especially as a woman traveling alone. Perhaps some of you feel the same way. I read lots of travel blogs, mostly written by young millennials ...
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The Saucy Sisters had stiff competition at the 2016 Great Sutter Creek Chili Cook-off and Car Show. Do you think we won again this year?

Sutter Creek Chili Cook-off & Car Show

I love that there are so many local fairs and festivals in Gold Country. My October pick was the Great Sutter Creek Chili Cook-off and Car Show. This annual event is always held on the second Saturday in October so you might want to mark your calendar now for October ...
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Ferrari Originals specializes in components for jewelry designers, collectors and bead lovers, but also creates one-of-a-kind and custom pieces.

Ferrari Originals – More Than Lampwork

Gold Country Handmade This new series on the blog will feature talented artists and artisans from all over Gold Country. I plan to bring you a diverse sampling of the talent here. I am excited to introduce my friend Pam Ferrari and Ferrari Originals as my first featured artisan. Ferrari Originals ...
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Lumberjack Day, held the first Saturday in October, is a day-long celebration of the history and traditions of the logging industry in Calaveras County.

Lumberjack Day in West Point, CA

You never know what you are going to run into when you are traveling around Gold Country. Yesterday I was on my way to a pet sitting client when I saw a sign I remembered seeing a few times in the past week or so. It was for Lumberjack Day ...
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With summer activities winding down, there is still so much to do that it is hard to choose. Here's my list of best Amador County October Activities.

Best Amador County October Activities

With fall just around the corner, one week from today in fact, outdoor summer activities are starting to wind down in Amador County. Even the weather has given us a taste of fall the past few days, but just because summer is winding down doesn't mean there will be any ...
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I had the opportunity to try out a Kodiak Canvas truck tent on a recent horse camping trip. I share the pros and cons of the tent with you in this blog post.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent Review

Kelly and I just got back from a horse camping trip to Pt. Reyes National Seashore north of San Francisco. Kelly usually stays in the back of her horse trailer when she camps, but for this trip, she decided to get a tent for her truck. I hadn't heard of ...
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Local artist Anje Olmstead brought her collage art class to a lunch meeting of our Saucy Sisters cooking group. Learn more about Anje Olmstead and her art.

Anje Olmstead Collage Artist

Every month I am amazed at how creative the hostesses of the Saucy Sister's cooking group are with the monthly meeting activities. At one meeting, we made two kinds of liqueur and everyone got to take home a bottle of each. One time we made fudge and had lots of samples to take home. We have ...
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Lavender Crafts and Camaraderie

Jan, our gracious hostess for the July meeting of our Saucy Sisters cooking group, has a beautiful home with lots of lavender beds. She orchestrated a Day of Lavender for us that included lavender crafts and some lavender infused food. When we arrived, Jan had tea, coffee and scrumptious lavender scones waiting for us ...
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Enjoy great music, picnicking and friends in a beautiful outdoor setting in gold country at a T.G.I.F. Summer Concert Series concert.

T.G.I.F. Summer Concert Series

Last Friday I had one of the most fun evenings I can remember having since I moved to Amador County almost two years ago. A group of friends and I went to the concert in the park at Volcano Amphitheater, one of the concerts in the T.G.I.F. Summer Concert Series, and we ...
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Amador Flower Farm daylilies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and bloom cycles. They are easy to grow and are just about the perfect perennial.

Amador Flower Farm Daylilies

I've said it before, but I just have to say it again. I'm discovering that plants from bulbs have the most spectacular blooms. I guess this is becoming more apparent to me as I have more time to explore places like Amador Flower Farm, where the daylily reigns supreme. Although I think ...
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A tea party is a great way to gather together friends for an afternoon of conversation and good food. Learn some tea party etiquette including the proper way to eat scones.

Tea Party with My Saucy Sisters

Did you serve afternoon tea to your imaginary friends when you were a child? Although I was more of an outdoorsy kid who played with plastic horses and cowboys, I’m sure I must have had a tea party or two. But tea parties aren’t just for kids. It is a ...
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reddish colored iris with text overlay Bluebird Haven Iris Garden

Bluebird Haven Iris Garden

On our way back from Toogood Estate Winery in Fairplay, the Vineyard Vixens stopped at Bluebird Haven Iris Garden. We do have other interests besides wine! Bluebird Haven Iris Garden is located on Fairplay Rd. in Somerset, CA, just a few miles down the road from Toogood in southern El ...
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To meet new people, you have to get up and get out of your comfort zone. You have to make an effort to connect. Here are methods I've tried to meet people.

6 Ways to Meet New People

Have you moved to a new area and don't know anyone? Maybe you've lived there a while and still have just not met anyone. I know how that goes. I lived in my condo in Southern California for over 13 years and knew only a couple of my neighbors. Or ...
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Baby boomers seem to fall into one of two categories. Either you have decided to live or you have decided to begin dying. Whoa, what do I mean by that?

Which Type of Baby Boomer Are You?

Baby boomers seem to fall into one of two categories. Either you have decided to live or you have decided to begin dying. Whoa, what do I mean by that? Astrologers call it the Chiron Return, which occurs around the age of 50. It is the point where we subconsciously ...
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Main Street in Jackson, CA, for Dandelion Days event with craft fair

Do You Love Craft Fairs?

Do you love craft fairs like I do? What is it about craft fairs that attracts us? Why do we go? I used to dabble in crafts and often think I'd like to get back into it, but then I tell myself, "Who are you kidding? You can barely keep up ...
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