How Important are your Feet?

As a horsewoman, I am familiar with the saying “no hoof, no horse.” While I sat getting a pedicure last week, I started thinking about how that applies to the human foot. If you think the condition of your feet doesn’t have anything to do with travel, read on!

getting a pedicure with text overlay: How important are your feet? Should you get a pedicure?

How important are your feet?

Would it surprise you to know that the average human walks about 100,000 miles in their lifetime? Just like with a horse, your feet are your foundation. They are vital for mobility. Yet, we don’t take care of them like we do the rest of our body. We often take them for granted until they cause us pain.

Once a foot or leg becomes painful, it can be totally debilitating, even if it’s only temporary. When something goes wrong with our feet, it can totally disrupt our day-to-day life. They are essential for keeping us mobile and independent. As we age, chronic pain and foot issues can increasingly limit our mobility.

If you have foot pain, don’t try to muscle through it. Visit a doctor to get it checked out. Untreated, foot ailments can also affect your knees, hips, and entire spine.

How to take care of your feet

If you want to continue exploring the world on pain free, healthy feet, here are a few strategies to keep your feet in the best shape possible.

  • Keep your feet clean and dry
  • Examine your feet at least once a week
  • Wear properly fitting shoes
  • Cut your nails carefully and regularly
  • Moisturize your feet at night
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Keep your blood sugar under control

If you have poor circulation in your feet or legs like I do, here are some things to help with that.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Elevate your legs
  • Massage your feet and legs
  • Soak in a warm bath

Should you get a pedicure?

So, back to that pedicure I got last week in Nuevo Progreso. As I watched the dead skin fly and thought about the massage I would be enjoying, I started thinking differently about getting a pedicure. In the past, it was always a luxury that I rewarded myself with for something well done. Now, I’m starting to think of it as a necessity! Not only will it help keep the outside of my feet healthy but it may help with my poor circulation.

The older I get, the harder and harder it is to take care of my feet myself. I still trim and file my nails but it is a struggle sometimes to get the old feet to turn in the direction I need them to. I haven’t exfoliated or moisturized my feet in ages.

getting a pedicure

Besides all that physical stuff, getting a pedicure can also be good for your mental health. They are very relaxing and therefore help relieve stress.

My pedicure really brought all this to light and I’ve decided to get one every month. When was the last time you had a pedicure? Do you think of it as a luxury or a necessity?

What about a foot soak at home?

Coincidentally, before my pedicure, I had ordered a home foot spa because I know that soaking your feet in warm water helps with circulation. There are several different things you can add to your soak like Epsom salt, vinegar and essential oils. My foot bath has bubbles, vibration and rollers.

soaking feet in a foot bath holding a glass of wine

I had a ME DAY this past Sunday with a foot bath, a couple of glasses of wine and a movie. Ultimate relaxation!

getting a pedicure with text overlay: How important are your feet? Should you get a pedicure?


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