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With my birthday rapidly approaching, I thought it might be a good time to write a post with tips for active senior travelers. While doing research, I discovered that most of the posts out there are aimed at very elderly or infirm travelers. I’m so grateful that I don’t fall into those categories yet, but what about those of us who are strong, healthy and young at heart? Although we might be senior citizens based on our age, are there really special travel tips for us? The more I thought about it, I decided there are a few minor things of special concern even to spry senior travelers like me.

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Although we might be senior citizens based on our age, are there really special travel tips for us? #seniortravel #activeseniors Share on X

Before you Travel – Good Advice for any Traveler

Stay Active

Staying active is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your health at any age. Exercise regularly and get out and explore your own area. Learn your limits, if any, before you take on any long distance travel. Although I refuse to admit that I have limits, I know I can’t go sightseeing for hours on end anymore like I used to. After a few hours, I’m ready for a break!

Staying active is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your health at any age. Know your limits before you travel. #seniortravel Share on X

Travel Insurance

Since I currently am only traveling in the US, I don’t have to worry about health insurance. If you are traveling out of the country, be sure you know what your insurance covers and if you need travel insurance.

Luggage and Packing

Be sure you have a bag that is easy to handle. I’ll never travel again without a small, wheeled bag that I can carry on the plane. Plan your wardrobe ahead of time and pack light. Due to all of my camera gear, I usually have a second bag which is always a backpack that I can stack on my wheeled bag. Thank you Southwest for allowing two carry-ons!

Don’t Advertise your Absence

Don’t advertise that you are leaving home, especially if your house will be vacant wile you are away. Posting on social media can lead thieves right to your front door while you are gone.

Keep in Touch with Family and Friends

A reader reminded me of this one so I am adding it. This is not something I’m used to doing so I forget it is probably important for others. I say I’m not used to it in the sense I don’t have anyone to answer to but I do let family and friends know my general itinerary and check in with them periodically.

Address any Health Care Needs

If you are on medication, use a hearing aid, wear glasses or contacts, etc., bring any extras with you that you might need.

Special Concerns for Active Senior Travelers

I think the only thing that is of real concern for senior travelers is to avoid looking like an easy mark. Thieves or other unscrupulous people tend to think someone with gray hair and a few wrinkles will be easier to take advantage of than a younger person. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t wear flashy jewelry or carry lots of cash.

Avoid looking like an easy mark. Don't wear flashy jewelry or carry lots of cash. #seniortravel #seniorsafety Share on X

I always wear comfortable shoes, especially when sightseeing, but I had to smile when I read a recommendation for seniors to wear flat shoes. Am I the only one who hasn’t worn anything but flats for more than 20 years? Seriously though, a fall or twisted ankle while you are out sightseeing is no fun. I know I was having a balance issue when I wasn’t exercising like I should have been. Just another good reminder to excise regularly.

Don’t forget to check into those senior discounts! I have a hard time remembering to do that but it is getting a little easier. It may only be a few dollars here and there but it can definitely add up. Also, if you find yourself tiring easily, check into special services that might be available at an attraction that could save you some walking or standing in lines.

My Final Thoughts

Last year on my birthday, I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. I had purchased a travel trailer, was disposing of pretty much everything I owned and getting ready to spend several weeks traveling to a new state. I was wondering if I was too old to be doing that. I proved to myself that I wasn’t and that I have lots more travel years left in me. I truly believe that staying active, whether you travel far or explore locally, will keep you young. If you aren’t already traveling, what’s holding you back? Time is short! Get up, get out — just go!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject and any tips you have for active senior travelers.

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  1. I’ll be turning 50 soon and my hubby is 9 years older than me, so I am starting to think of things like this. Particularly since we live in a retirement community surrounded by people who are senior citizens and I hear them sometimes they have discussions about being too old to travel – and I totally think it is all in the mind!

    • I totally agree! Our state of mind is so important when it comes to so many things. Travel is no exception. Unless your health is debilitating (there are people who travel in wheelchairs) feeling too old to travel is a choice, just like everything else in life.

  2. I am almost 71 and we stopped RVing full-time only about 2 1/2 years ago. I agree with everything. The one I adhere to most is to be in tip-top shape. So I exercise daily and eat healthily. And, oh, I also dress young!

    • I don’t exercise as much as I should — I need to work on that. Since I just started RVing, I’m not ready to give it up but maybe someday I’ll travel in more luxury like you are doing.

  3. Great tips! One of the hard lessons I’ve learned is recognizing your limits. I have to realize I may not be able to do everything I could when I was younger, and that’s ok.

  4. I love this and I love your story! It’s so awesome to see you out adventuring! I’m a live-in caretaker for an 82-year-old and I can definitely agree with your first tip – stay active! Keep moving, walking, hiking, exploring. Your body will betray you if you don’t. <3 <3

    • You hit the nail on the head — your body will betray you if you don’t stay active! I need to work harder at that on the days I spend hours behind the computer!

  5. My dad flew to the US for my wedding, and banned me from posting any photos of us together or of him on social media, in case someone worked out that his place was empty. It’s a good tip!

  6. I always forget to check for senior discounts! My mother lives with me but is able to be relatively active still. I try to choose places to visit that have plenty of shade and places to sit if she gets tired. And we always pack snacks and drinks since she is Diabetic and my kids are still little.

  7. I’m not there yet, but my husband will soon be there. So these advices really help me to prepare not only him, but also myself. I also like the idea to tell our closest relative where we will be. If we have children, I think it’s good if they can track our cell phone.

  8. My mom lives with me yet can be moderately dynamic still. I attempt to pick spots to visit that have a lot of shade and places to sit in the event that she gets worn out. Also, we generally pack tidbits and beverages since she is Diabetic and my children are close to nothing. BTW extraordinary article, It sounds like you have a decent everyday practice for an effective excursion.

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