FoodSaver Review: My Favorite Money-Saving Appliance

Even as a single person, I still like to buy in bulk to save money. My FoodSaver review and how you can save money on groceries.

Even though, as a single person, I usually cook for just myself, I still like to buy in bulk to save money. However, buying in bulk doesn’t save you money if your food spoils before you use it. For example, I like to buy cheese in two-pound blocks. Even when I froze half of it, inevitably the other half would mold in the refrigerator before I used it all. Well, that all changed when I bought my FoodSaver a few years ago. I have saved the cost of my FoodSaver, in cheese alone, many times over! My FoodSaver review will show you how you, too, can save money on groceries. FoodSaver Review How Does the FoodSaver Save you Money? The FoodSaver Food Preservation System removes air from bags…

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